HARVEY, Ill. Each month we highlight special citizens that go above an beyond the call of duty to preserve the life of our kids. This month we have selected the Mayor of Harvey Illinois, Chris Clark for his outstanding work and resilience.

Please help us re-elect him~ His service to the people goes beyond politics and we genuinely appreciate your hard work with keeping our kids safe.

“Since I took office, we have added an additional $1 million dollars to the police budget, purchased new vehicles, hired new police officers, reorganized the department to put more officers on the street and are in the process of constructing six (6) new community hubs/police substations,” said Clark. “The decrease in violent crime can be attributed to those actions and the hard work of our officers.”

The Harvey Police Department played a significant role in implementing Clark’s plan. Harvey Police Chief Cameron Biddings credits the performance of officers and community support for the decline in homicides and solving of cases.

“The recent homicide closings have been the result of good police work combined with the cooperation of the community and other law enforcement agencies working together,” said Biddings

Mayor Clark’s comprehensive community safety plan involved making tough and unpopular decisions including the reduction in the hours of operation for liquor license holders. Additionally, the Mayor made a commitment to continue investing in the police department by increasing the starting salary of entry-level officers from $42,000 to $60,000, purchasing 24 new police vehicles and providing body cameras for every officer on the force (instituted well before the state mandated the same requirement)

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